A beautiful and luxurious resort spa offering the best in spa treatments. The Shang-Du Spa is a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. Exquisitely decorated with traces of Mongolian History and Ottomon Culture, the Spa offers a fine selection of exclusive treatments. The treatments reflect the Silk Road journey, ranging from Ayurvedic to European and Asian massages, scrubs and body wraps, aqua therapy, facials, manicure and pedicure. All in a variety of styles from the different regions.

The Name Shang-Du and our Philosophy:

Xanadu takes its primary inspiration from the geographical location of Turkey at the crossroads of civilization as well as from the famous city Shang-Du situated nearby Peking in China, during empreror Kubla Khans reign in the 13th century.

Shang-Du Spa was born out of the intention of indulging our guests in an ultimate healing sanctuary for the senses which offers a unique variety of spa lifestyle treatments that promote relaxation, reduce stress and encourage youthful radiance.

The age restriction at our Shang-Du Spa is 12 years. Thank you for your understanding.