The Xanadu® High Class Club was founded to award guest loyalty in a membership program as per realized overnight stays. Members benefit from a variety of advantages starting with their very arrival at the airport.
The Xanadu High Class Club consists of five membership levels, while privileges of each level are enjoyed starting with the following stay in a Xanadu Hotel.

As of 1st April, members will additionally be able to collect bonus points, points for extra services and a lot more! A personal membership card is issued for each member and each member collects his or her member points on their personal card. Please quickly update your personal High Class Club member profile for your first 1.000 Bonus points.

Please note: Group bookings (meetings, conferences etc.), complimentary and barter stays cannot be accepted as valid overnights for the High Class Club.

Xanadu Hotels reserve the right to alter or delete any of the terms, rules, benefits and rewards of the High Class Club.

For questions, please feel free to contact us.

High Class Club
0242 /323 06 76