What is the Xanadu High Class Club?

With an enourmous percentage of loyal guests, who visit Xanadu sometimes even more than once during the year, we felt it was our duty to give something in return and to express our gratitude.  This was how the Xanadu High Class Club was born.

Every guest, who decides to visit Xanadu for the second time, automatically becomes a member of our club and benefits start from their second stay on. It hereby is of no importance, if the same Xanadu hotel is visited twice, or if preference was given to a different Xanadu hotel during the second stay. 

Membership levels, of which there are five, are defined according to the bonus points collected, which are given among others but not exclusively, for overnight stays at one of our premises. A personal membership card is issued for each member and each member collects his or her member points on their personal card.

How do I collect Xanadu Bonus Points?

As mentioned above, overnight stays at a Xanadu Hotel already help you collect bonus points to your membership account. Other ways to collect bonus points are listed below.

Recommending Xanadu

At Xanadu Hotels, we aim to offer our guests a unique holiday, a friendly service and moments to remember. If you feel that your friends and relatives should have the same great holiday, simply recommend us!

Please bear in mind that 

- It must be the very first visit of your friends/ relatives to any Xanadu Hotel.

- Reservations from previous years cannot (retroactively) be accepted.

- We can’t accept reservations, where we are informed already after arrival of the guest at the respective Xanadu hotel.

- The bonus points accounting to the recommended guests’ first stay (per room) will be added to your account. Further visits cannot be considered.

- The recommended guest(s) must stay in their own room, i.e. not together in a room with existing members of the High Class Club.

Update Your Profile

We love to keep in touch with you, and to allow us to always be up to date, we kindly ask you to quickly update your High Class Club member profile here, and secure your 1.000 bonus thank you points right away!

How not to collect points?

Group bookings (meetings, conferences, etc.) are a special kind of reservations and given the special conditions that apply here, are unfortunately not able to count as overnight stays for the Xanadu High Class Club. The same applies to complimentary and barter stays.

Xanadu Hotels reserve the right to alter or delete any of the terms, rules, benefits and rewards of the High Class Club.

For questions, please feel free to contact us.

High Class Club


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